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Adirondacks ACO, LLC

ACO Details

ACO Service Area(s):  NY 

Adirondacks ACO, LLC

75 Beekman StreetPlattsburghNew York 12901 

Executive Contact

Karen Ashline
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Public Contact

Karen Ashline
(518) 314-3663

Adirondacks ACO, LLC was started in January 2014. In its first year, this organization spent $8,882 on average for each of its 27,412 beneficiaries (including beneficiaries only in the ACO for a partial year). By comparison, in its benchmark year, it spent $8,794 per beneficiary, a difference of -$88. The ACO successfully reported, but failed to earn its participants any savings. This ACO lost Medicare $2,404,118 compared to its benchmark year.

This is a Track 1 Shared Savings ACO which means it has accepted only upside with no downside risk in exchange for a smaller maximum shared savings rate.

ACOs can request early payments to help finance the startup costs of the ACO. This ACO did not accept any advanced payments.

2014 Performance

Earned Savings


Cost Reduction


Quality Points

48.05 of 581

Medicare Shared Savings Program Quality Measures
All 33 measures must be reported to CMS but not all are used to calculate the performance.
More Information
Patient/Caregiver Experience
 Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information ACO-1 

 How Well Your Doctors Communicate ACO-2 

Above 90th
 Patients' Rating of Doctor ACO-3 

Above 90th
 Access to Specialists ACO-4 

 Health Promotion and Education ACO-5 

Above 90th
 Shared Decision Making ACO-6 

Above 90th
 Health Status/Functional Status ACO-7 

Above 90th
Care Coordination/Patient Safety
 Risk Standardized, All Condition Readmissions ACO-8 

Above 90th
 ASC Admissions: COPD or Asthma in Older Adults ACO-9 

 ASC Admission: Heart Failure ACO-10 

 Percent of PCPs who Qualified for EHR Incentive Payment ACO-11 

 Medication Reconciliation ACO-12 

Above 90th
 Falls: Screening for Fall Risk ACO-13 

Preventive Health
 Influenza Immunization ACO-14 

 Pneumococcal Vaccination ACO-15 

 Adult Weight Screening and Follow-up ACO-16 

 Tobacco Use Assessment and Cessation Intervention ACO-17 

Above 90th
 Depression Screening ACO-18 

 Colorectal Cancer Screening ACO-19 

 Mammography Screening ACO-20 

 Proportion of Adults who had blood pressure screened in past 2 years ACO-21 

At-Risk Population Diabetes
 Patients who meet all the following measures
Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) (<100 mg/dL), Aspirin Use, Hemoglobin A1c Control (HbA1c) (<8 percent), Blood Pressure (BP) < 140/90, Tobacco Non Use
ACO-23 ACO-26 ACO-22 ACO-24 ACO-25 

 Percent of beneficiaries with diabetes whose HbA1c in poor control (>9 percent) ACO-27 

At-Risk Population Hypertension
 Percent of beneficiaries with hypertension whose BP < 140/90 ACO-28 

At-Risk Population IVD
 Percent of beneficiaries with IVD with complete lipid profile and LDL control < 100mg/dl ACO-29 

 Percent of beneficiaries with IVD who use Aspirin or other antithrombotic ACO-30 

At-Risk Population HF
 Beta-Blocker Therapy for LVSD ACO-31 

At-Risk Population CAD
 Patients who meet all the following measures
Drug Therapy for Lowering LDL Cholesterol, ACE Inhibitor or ARB Therapy for Patients with CAD and Diabetes and/or LVSD
ACO-32 ACO-33 

Above 90th
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