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Measure ACO-

ACO PagesCost ImprovementAssigned Beneficiaries
Winchester Community ACO16%6245
Allcare Options, LLC15.7%7288
Integral Healthcare, LLC15.4%7070
Medical Mall ACO14.9%4630
Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance, LLC14.1%4719
Paradigm ACO, LLC13.2%5131
RGV ACO Health Providers, LLC12.7%7863
Southern Kentucky Health Care Alliance12.4%5059
Jackson Purchase Medical Associates, PSC11.3%4845
Accountable Care Options, LLC11.3%6683
Oakwood Accountable Care Organization, LLC11.3%14305
Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Organization11%40911
Collaborative Health ACO10.7%8830
Nevada Primary Care Network, ACO, LLC10.2%7059
Physicians ACO9.8%7917
Quality Independent Physicians, LLC9.8%12618
Ingalls Care Network, LLC9.4%5568
Qualuable Medical Professionals, LLC9.2%22975
Seton Accountable Care Organization, Inc.9.2%13683
Caribbean Accountable Care, Inc.8.3%6895
Integrated ACO LLC8.3%9827
Methodist Patient Centered ACO7.8%14020
Sunshine ACO LLC7.5%5837
Coastal Medical, Inc.7.3%10833
Independent San Diego ACO7.3%5592
Reliance Health Network7.2%4402
GGC ACO, LLC7.2%5577
Central Florida Physicians Trust7.1%5800
Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, LLC7.1%34601
Primary Care Alliance LLC7%7897
WESTMED Medical Group, P.C.6.7%12273
Florida Physicians Trust, LLC6.7%8638
Accountable Care Coalition of Texas, Inc.6.6%21859
Accountable Care Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin, LLC6.6%11396
Maryland Collaborative Care, LLC.6.6%16236
Chautauqua Region Associated Medical Partners, LLC6.4%6816
TP-ACO L.L.C.6.4%11275
Accountable Care Coalition of Maryland Primary Care, LLC.6.4%5823
Primary Comprehensive Care ACO LLC6.3%5668
Circle Health Alliance, LLC6.3%10910
Accountable Care Organization of Puerto Rico, Inc.6.3%6923
Reliance ACO LLC6.2%14485
ProHEALTH Accountable Care Medical Group, PLLC6.2%28825
West Florida ACO, LLC6.2%17970
HHC ACO Inc6.1%13294
St. Thomas Medical Group PLLC6%5148
Virginia Collaborative Care, LLC.5.8%10807
Genesis Accountable Physician Network, LLC5.6%18190
CaroMont ACO5.6%10206
Accountable Care Coalition of Mississippi, LLC.5.5%5570
Accountable Care Coalition of North Texas, LLC.5.3%6274
Cumberland Center for Healthcare Innovation, LLC5.3%12692
Collaborative Care of Florida LLC5.2%12622
American Health Alliance, LLC5.1%7981
A.M. Beajow, M.D. Internal Medicine Associates ACO, P.C5.1%5630
Privia Quality Network, LLC5.1%13805
Millennium Accountable Care Organization4.9%36355
South Florida Accountable Care Organization,LLC4.9%6850
Accountable Care Coalition of Caldwell County, LLC4.6%4866
FPG Healthcare, LLC4.6%3857
North Collaborative Care 4.5%9375
ACO Health Partners, LLC 4.4%12703
Colonial ACO LLC 4.3%7771
AnewCare Collaborative, LLC 4.3%20190
Premier Patient Healthcare, LLC 4.2%22402
UR Care LLC 4.2%6048
South Bend Clinic Accountable Care4.1%7934
Optimus Healthcare Partners, LLC4%23542
ProHealth Solutions, LLC4%19126
Arkansas Health Network LLC3.9%10976
BHS Accountable Care LLC3.9%15022
New Health Collaborative3.7%29846
Indiana Care Organization LLC3.6%9623
Cornerstone Health Care, PA3.6%16895
Antelope Valley ACO3.5%4841
Community Health Network3.4%15021
Covenant ACO, Inc.3.4%13455
The Premier HealthCare Network LLC3.4%4544
Delaware Valley ACO3.4%33310
John Muir Health Medicare ACO3.3%22479
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Athens Georgia, LLC3.3%6049
Hackensack Alliance ACO3.3%15603
Lahey Clinical Performance Accountable Care Organization, LLC3.2%36198
Health Choice Care, LLC3.1%17437
Accountable Care Coalition of Maryland, LLC.3.1%12997
Scottsdale Health Partners3%15350
Essential Care Partners, LLC2.9%14954
Accountable Care Coalition of South Georgia, LLC.2.8%8227
Greater Baltimore Health Alliance 2.8%11810
UT Southwestern Accountable Care Network2.7%18964
Premier Choice ACO, Inc.2.7%9732
Maine Community Accountable Care Organization, LLC2.7%6625
WellStar Health Network, LLC2.6%38331
The Accountable Care Organization, Ltd.2.6%30051
Primary Partners, LLC2.6%7078
Broward Guardian, LLC2.5%5828
KentuckyOne Health Partners, LLC2.5%27315
Mercy Health Select, LLC2.5%64739
POM ACO2.5%122032
Physician Direct Accountable Care Organization2.4%5261
Community Health Accountable Care, LLC2.4%5948
Lower Shore ACO, LLC2.4%10001
Affiliated Physicians Medical Group ACO, Inc.2.4%7629
Accountable Care Coalition of Northwest Florida, LLC2.4%9725
Hartford Healthcare Accountable Care Organization, Inc.2.4%21207
Healthcare Provider ACO, Inc.2.3%27791
NOMS ACO, LLC2.3%6860
Foothill Accountable Care Medical Group, Inc.2.3%7438
PMC ACO2.3%6990
Baroma Health Partners (FL)2.2%9664
University Hospitals Coordinated Care Organization 2%46100
MCM Accountable Care Organization, LLC1.9%6728
Fort Smith Physicians Alliance ACO, LLC1.9%9672
Saint Vincent Healthcare Partners1.9%7913
Meridian Accountable Care Organization, LLC1.8%41202
American Health Network of Ohio PC1.8%8020
Mercy ACO, LLC (IA)1.7%51284
Accountable Care Coalition of Western Georgia, LLC1.6%4530
National ACO, LLC1.6%5512
Accountable Healthcare Alliance, PC1.6%5485
Integrity Health Innovations, LLC1.5%5228
USMD Physician Services1.5%20627
Coastal Carolina Quality Care, Inc.1.5%11306
Saint Vincent Accountable Health Network1.5%10115
BJC HealthCare ACO, LLC1.5%40622
Accountable Care Coalition of The Tri-Counties, LLC1.4%19830
Commonwealth Primary Care ACO1.4%15697
Cleveland Quality Healthnet1.3%6184
Kansas Primary Care Alliance, LLC1.3%6593
Health Connect ACO,LLC1.3%13874
Accountable Care Coalition of DeKalb, LLC.1.3%16426
MissionPoint Health Partners1.2%25997
Via Christi Health Alliance in Accountable Care, Inc.1.2%19906
Johns Hopkins Medicine Alliance for Patients, LLC1.2%37203
Triad HealthCare Network1.2%35751
Morehouse Choice ACO-ES1.2%5710
Medical Practitioners For Affordable Care, LLC1.2%16587
ApolloMed Accountable Care Organization Inc. 1.2%26237
Accountable Care Clinical Services, PC1.1%43355
Northern Maryland Collaborative Care LLC1.1%10880
Accountable Care Coalition of Georgia, LLC.1.1%10876
Northern Michigan Health Network1.1%18709
FamilyHealth ACO, LLC1.1%3618
Well Virginia1%20120
Physicians Collaborative Trust of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, LLC0.9%5548
SW Provider Partners LLC0.9%14289
Saint Francis HealthCare Partners ACO Inc.0.9%21549
Accountable Care Partners, LLC0.8%6244
North Coast Medical ACO, Inc.0.8%5571
Owensboro ACO0.7%7645
RWJ Partners LLC0.7%8456
Delmarva Health Network0.7%12952
WakeMed Key Community Care, LLC0.6%27818
Mercy ACO, LLC (AR, MO)0.6%36301
Central Jersey ACO LLC0.6%20014
Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians, LLC0.6%14606
Franciscan Northwest Physicians Health Network, LLC0.5%32410
Primary PartnerCare Associates IPA, Inc.0.5%6347
Physician Alliance of Kansas, Inc.0.5%17203
Alegent Health Partners, LLC0.5%25954
SSM ACO, LLC0.5%22553
Emerald Physicians0.5%8303
LHS Health Network, LLC0.4%22375
Partners in Care0.4%11131
Partners In Care ACO, Inc.0.3%6843
NEPA ACO Company, LLC0.3%6972
Louisiana Physicians ACO LLC0.3%6376
Accountable Care Alliance of Ventura, LLC0.3%6956
Physicians Collaborative Trust ACO LLC0.3%12209
Arizona Priority Care Plus0.3%8233
Physicians Healthcare Collaborative, LLC0.2%12289
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Athens Georgia II, LLC.0.2%9811
Mount Sinai Care, LLC0.2%33825
North Country ACO0.2%6254
Integrated Care Alliance, LLC0.1%7086
Carolinas ACO, LLC0.1%8088
Nature Coast ACO LLC0%6456
Pioneer Valley Accountable Care, LLC0%35631
Cape Cod Health Network ACO(0.2)%20534
MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization(0.2)%49413
CHA ACO, LLC(0.2)%13888
Georgia Physicians for Accountable Care, LLC(0.2)%37513
The Polyclinic(0.3)%7783
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Houston, LLC.(0.3)%9766
Accountable Physicians of North Mississippi, Inc.(0.3)%8940
Barnabas Health ACO-North, LLC(0.4)%12646
Advocate Physician Partners Accountable Care, Inc.(0.4)%135350
Mercy-CR/UI Health Care Accountable Care Organization(0.4)%18767
John C. Lincoln Accountable Care Organization, LLC(0.5)%11857
Asian American Accountable Care Organization (0.5)%12997
Tidewater Accountable Care Organization, LLC (0.5)%19230
Accountable Care Coalition of Central Georgia, LLC.(0.6)%10914
Accountable Care Coalition of Syracuse, LLC (0.6)%12729
Gulf Coast Health Partners(0.7)%22871
Indiana University Health ACO, Inc.(0.7)%41179
HCP ACO California, LLC(0.8)%57993
APCN-ACO, A Medical Professional Corporation(0.8)%10771
Midwest Health Coalition ACO(0.8)%4634
Aurora Accountable Care Organization LLC (0.8)%8279
Silver State ACO LLC(0.8)%12198
OneCare Vermont Accountable Care Organization, LLC(0.9)%55058
Alexian Brothers Accountable Care Organization(0.9)%41818
Loudoun Medical Group ACO LLC(0.9)%9326
New York State Elite (NYSE) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Inc(1)%5620
Adirondacks ACO, LLC(1)%27412
Bayview Physicians Group(1)%19110
Premier ACO Physician Network, LLC(1)%8683
Accountable Care Coalition of Eastern North Carolina, LLC(1)%8340
Mid-Atlantic Primary Care ACO(1)%13133
River Health ACO,LLC(1.1)%32878
Catholic Medical Partners-Accountable Care IPA, Inc.(1.1)%25614
NH Accountable Care Partners(1.1)%37590
Florida Medical Clinic ACO, LLC(1.2)%12478
Oklahoma Health Initiatives(1.2)%10013
Illinois Health Partners ACO, LLC(1.2)%50069
JFK Population Health Company, LLC(1.2)%9531
Primary Partners(1.3)%7281
Orange Accountable Care of South Florida, LLC(1.3)%7729
AppleCare Medical ACO, LLC(1.4)%8837
Doctors Connected(1.4)%49057
Southcoast Accountable Care Organization, LLC(1.5)%19327
PremierMD ACO, LLC(1.6)%6507
Duke Connected Care, LLC(1.7)%44256
UnityPoint Health Partners(1.7)%80792
Chicago Health System ACO, LLC(1.7)%8130
Physicians Accountable Care Organization, LLC(1.7)%5075
Ochsner Accountable Care Network, LLC(1.7)%23744
Central Maine ACO(1.7)%13408
HNMC Hospital/Physician ACO, LLC(1.7)%8709
MBA - Northern California Physicians Management Group(1.7)%14536
St Joseph Health Partners ACO(1.7)%5818
MD Valuecare, LLC(1.8)%13674
Buena Vida y Salud LLC(1.8)%5204
Atlantic ACO(1.8)%70550
Wellmont Integrated Network(1.9)%11130
Medicare Value Partners(1.9)%39031
UW Health ACO, Inc.(2)%28598
THP-Meritus ACO, LLC(2)%16461
Accountable Care Organization of New England, LLC(2)%11499
ProMedica Physician Group, Inc.(2)%16852
Good Help ACO(2.1)%68429
Franciscan Select Health Network ACO, LLC(2.1)%15123
MetroHealth Care Partners(2.1)%10774
Health Connect Partners, LLC(2.1)%29482
Independent Physicians' ACO of Chicago LLC (2.2)%17612
Marshfield Clinic(2.2)%32096
Mercy Health System ACO(2.3)%10708
Physician Health Partners, LLC(2.4)%31320
Crystal Run Healthcare ACO, LLC(2.4)%12201
Physician Collaborative of Kansas City LLC(2.4)%14723
Live Oak Care(2.6)%7494
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth(2.7)%6748
Lancaster General Health Community Care Collaborative, LLC(2.7)%19219
Beacon Health Partners, LLP(2.7)%15474
NJ Physicians ACO(2.8)%11611
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater New York, LLC.(2.8)%6353
Diagnostic Clinic Walgreens Well Network(2.9)%7990
Central US ACO, LLC(2.9)%5164
Arkansas Accountable Care, LLC(3)%6159
Amarillo Legacy Medical ACO(3)%11356
Meridian Health Systems ACO Corporation(3)%9990
Franciscan AHN ACO, LLC (3.1)%31390
Golden Life Accountable Care Organization (ACO)(3.1)%7571
St Vincents Accountable Care Organization LLC(3.2)%6923
Allied Physicians ACO, LLC(3.2)%4479
Premier Care Network LLC(3.2)%11313
Central Utah Clinic, P.C.(3.4)%15581
Franciscan Union ACO(3.4)%14790
Essentia Health(3.5)%31798
Harbor Medical Associates, PC(3.5)%9329
Redwood Community Care Organization, LLC(3.5)%7775
First Coast Health Alliance, LLC(3.5)%10541
Summit Health Solutions(3.6)%37174
UPSA ACO LLC(3.7)%5817
Meritage ACO, LLC(3.9)%22722
Accountable Care Coalition of North Central Florida, LLC.(4)%5328
Arizona Care Network LLC (4.1)%32923
ACO Providers (4.1)%7121
Advocare Well Network(4.3)%15121
Accountable Care Coalition of Coastal Georgia, LLC(4.5)%9491
Billings Clinic(4.5)%12635
UCLA Faculty Practice Group(4.6)%24254
Northwest Ohio ACO, LLC(4.6)%13415
Physician First ACO(4.7)%6245
Rochester General Health System ACO(4.7)%11844
Yavapai Accountable Care, LLC(4.8)%13300
Accountable Care Coalition of Green Mountains, LLC(4.9)%7639
Christie Clinic Physician Services, LLC(4.9)%5921
Maryland Accountable Care Organization of Western MD LLC(4.9)%5181
St. Luke's Clinic Coordinated Care, Ltd.(5.1)%28877
MPS ACO Physicians, LLC(5.3)%6067
Akira Health, Inc.(5.4)%8906
AAMC Collaborative Care Network, LLC(5.5)%14385
Arizona Connected Care, LLC(5.6)%10166
Health Point ACO, LLC(5.7)%7621
ProHealth Physicians ACO, LLC (5.7)%33204
Physicians Accountable Care of Utah(5.8)%6767
Keystone ACO(6.1)%7727
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Augusta & Statesboro, LLC.(6.1)%20996
Allegiance ACO(6.2)%5466
Augusta Care Partners, LLC(6.4)%6029
Deaconess Care Integration, LLC(6.4)%18751
National Rural ACO(6.4)%14050
Care Coordination Services, LLC(6.5)%18722
Accountable Care Organization of the North Country, LLC(6.7)%5061
Southern NMIPA ACO LLC (7.1)%7419
Southern Maryland Collaborative Care LLC(7.2)%8973
Accountable Care Coalition of Mount Kisco, LLC(7.4)%14481
Genesis Accountable Care Organization, LLC(7.4)%18254
Colorado Accountable Care, LLC(7.8)%13743
Yuma Connected Community(8.2)%4012
R TotalHealth, LLC(8.3)%13069
Clinical Partners of Colorado Springs, LLC(8.3)%6545
Huntington Care Network ACO, LLC(8.5)%8200
Central Missouri Medical Network(8.7)%5559
Texoma ACO, LLC(8.8)%5713
Indiana Lakes ACO(9.6)%8037
Balance ACO(10.2)%8165
Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation(11.4)%12644
Maryland Accountable Care Organization of Eastern Shore LLC(11.7)%12735
AtlantiCare Health Solutions, Inc.(11.9)%18427
North Bend Medical Center, Inc.(12.2)%8342
Akira Health of Fresno Inc.(13.4)%3498