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Measure ACO-

ACO PagesQuality PointsAssigned Beneficiaries
South Florida Accountable Care Organization,LLC52.66850
Independent Physicians' ACO of Chicago LLC 51.8517612
Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, LLC51.734601
Circle Health Alliance, LLC51.110910
Loudoun Medical Group ACO LLC50.89326
Beacon Health Partners, LLP50.4515474
Central Maine ACO50.313408
Accountable Care Coalition of Syracuse, LLC 50.312729
Coastal Medical, Inc.50.2510833
Primary Partners, LLC50.257078
Collaborative Care of Florida LLC50.212622
USMD Physician Services50.1520627
Primary Partners50.057281
West Florida ACO, LLC5017970
NH Accountable Care Partners49.8537590
Harbor Medical Associates, PC49.79329
ProHEALTH Accountable Care Medical Group, PLLC49.6528825
Mercy Health System ACO49.5510708
RGV ACO Health Providers, LLC49.557863
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth49.46748
Pioneer Valley Accountable Care, LLC49.435631
Hackensack Alliance ACO49.3515603
Mercy ACO, LLC (AR, MO)49.2536301
Accountable Care Options, LLC49.256683
Quality Independent Physicians, LLC49.2512618
Winchester Community ACO49.26245
Accountable Care Coalition of Coastal Georgia, LLC49.19491
Texoma ACO, LLC48.955713
Cornerstone Health Care, PA48.9516895
UW Health ACO, Inc.48.928598
Optimus Healthcare Partners, LLC48.8523542
Collaborative Health ACO48.88830
Cape Cod Health Network ACO48.720534
Kansas Primary Care Alliance, LLC48.656593
Advocate Physician Partners Accountable Care, Inc.48.65135350
Medical Practitioners For Affordable Care, LLC48.6516587
Qualuable Medical Professionals, LLC48.6522975
Millennium Accountable Care Organization48.636355
Accountable Healthcare Alliance, PC48.555485
Indiana Lakes ACO48.58037
Nature Coast ACO LLC48.56456
Community Health Network48.515021
NOMS ACO, LLC48.56860
FPG Healthcare, LLC48.53857
Emerald Physicians48.458303
SW Provider Partners LLC48.3514289
Partners in Care48.3511131
Marshfield Clinic48.332096
Southcoast Accountable Care Organization, LLC48.2519327
Crystal Run Healthcare ACO, LLC48.212201
SSM ACO, LLC48.222553
St Vincents Accountable Care Organization LLC48.16923
Medicare Value Partners48.139031
AnewCare Collaborative, LLC 48.120190
UT Southwestern Accountable Care Network48.0518964
Adirondacks ACO, LLC48.0527412
Seton Accountable Care Organization, Inc.48.0513683
Aurora Accountable Care Organization LLC 48.058279
Lancaster General Health Community Care Collaborative, LLC4819219
Premier Care Network LLC47.9511313
Chicago Health System ACO, LLC47.98130
Alegent Health Partners, LLC47.925954
First Coast Health Alliance, LLC47.910541
CaroMont ACO47.910206
Central Florida Physicians Trust47.755800
POM ACO47.75122032
Ingalls Care Network, LLC47.755568
Greater Baltimore Health Alliance 47.7511810
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Augusta & Statesboro, LLC.47.6520996
Good Help ACO47.668429
AAMC Collaborative Care Network, LLC47.614385
ApolloMed Accountable Care Organization Inc. 47.626237
Summit Health Solutions47.5537174
Cumberland Center for Healthcare Innovation, LLC47.512692
Saint Francis HealthCare Partners ACO Inc.47.521549
Mount Sinai Care, LLC47.4533825
Lahey Clinical Performance Accountable Care Organization, LLC47.436198
Integrated Care Alliance, LLC47.357086
Coastal Carolina Quality Care, Inc.47.3511306
St. Luke's Clinic Coordinated Care, Ltd.47.328877
UnityPoint Health Partners47.380792
WakeMed Key Community Care, LLC47.327818
National ACO, LLC47.25512
MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization47.1549413
Colorado Accountable Care, LLC47.1513743
Northern Michigan Health Network47.1518709
Oakwood Accountable Care Organization, LLC47.0514305
ProHealth Solutions, LLC47.0519126
WellStar Health Network, LLC4738331
Ochsner Accountable Care Network, LLC4723744
Chautauqua Region Associated Medical Partners, LLC476816
Midwest Health Coalition ACO474634
Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation4712644
Paradigm ACO, LLC46.955131
Essentia Health46.9531798
ProHealth Physicians ACO, LLC 46.9533204
MissionPoint Health Partners46.8525997
Sunshine ACO LLC46.855837
Catholic Medical Partners-Accountable Care IPA, Inc.46.8525614
Diagnostic Clinic Walgreens Well Network46.857990
Accountable Care Partners, LLC46.86244
WESTMED Medical Group, P.C.46.812273
Alexian Brothers Accountable Care Organization46.7541818
Accountable Care Coalition of Green Mountains, LLC46.77639
Well Virginia46.720120
Clinical Partners of Colorado Springs, LLC46.76545
Arizona Connected Care, LLC46.710166
Live Oak Care46.77494
Florida Medical Clinic ACO, LLC46.6512478
Deaconess Care Integration, LLC46.6518751
North Collaborative Care 46.659375
Health Choice Care, LLC46.5517437
Yavapai Accountable Care, LLC46.5513300
Physicians Healthcare Collaborative, LLC46.512289
Accountable Care Organization of the North Country, LLC46.55061
NJ Physicians ACO46.4511611
OneCare Vermont Accountable Care Organization, LLC46.455058
River Health ACO,LLC46.3532878
ProMedica Physician Group, Inc.46.3516852
Atlantic ACO46.370550
Wellmont Integrated Network46.2511130
Mercy ACO, LLC (IA)46.2551284
Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Organization46.2540911
Mercy Health Select, LLC46.2564739
Bayview Physicians Group46.219110
Accountable Care Coalition of Maryland Primary Care, LLC.46.155823
AtlantiCare Health Solutions, Inc.46.118427
Hartford Healthcare Accountable Care Organization, Inc.46.121207
Johns Hopkins Medicine Alliance for Patients, LLC46.0537203
Triad HealthCare Network46.0535751
Jackson Purchase Medical Associates, PSC464845
LHS Health Network, LLC45.9522375
Georgia Physicians for Accountable Care, LLC45.9537513
MPS ACO Physicians, LLC45.96067
BJC HealthCare ACO, LLC45.940622
UCLA Faculty Practice Group45.8524254
MD Valuecare, LLC45.813674
Illinois Health Partners ACO, LLC45.7550069
GGC ACO, LLC45.655577
Central Jersey ACO LLC45.6520014
John C. Lincoln Accountable Care Organization, LLC45.611857
Mercy-CR/UI Health Care Accountable Care Organization45.618767
Virginia Collaborative Care, LLC.45.5510807
Accountable Care Coalition of The Tri-Counties, LLC45.5519830
Advocare Well Network45.515121
MCM Accountable Care Organization, LLC45.456728
Asian American Accountable Care Organization 45.4512997
Orange Accountable Care of South Florida, LLC45.457729
Accountable Care Coalition of Northwest Florida, LLC45.359725
John Muir Health Medicare ACO45.222479
ACO Health Partners, LLC 45.212703
New Health Collaborative45.229846
Tidewater Accountable Care Organization, LLC 45.219230
Florida Physicians Trust, LLC45.158638
Northwest Ohio ACO, LLC45.1513415
BHS Accountable Care LLC45.0515022
Integrity Health Innovations, LLC455228
Physician Health Partners, LLC4531320
Delmarva Health Network44.9512952
New York State Elite (NYSE) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Inc44.855620
MetroHealth Care Partners44.8510774
Accountable Care Clinical Services, PC44.7543355
American Health Alliance, LLC44.757981
Accountable Care Coalition of South Georgia, LLC.44.78227
Physician Collaborative of Kansas City LLC44.714723
HHC ACO Inc44.6513294
Billings Clinic44.6512635
The Accountable Care Organization, Ltd.44.4530051
Meridian Accountable Care Organization, LLC44.441202
Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance, LLC44.34719
Accountable Care Coalition of Mount Kisco, LLC44.2514481
Franciscan Union ACO44.2514790
Genesis Accountable Care Organization, LLC44.218254
Integral Healthcare, LLC44.157070
Methodist Patient Centered ACO44.0514020
Reliance Health Network43.954402
Arizona Care Network LLC 43.9532923
Care Coordination Services, LLC43.9518722
Indiana University Health ACO, Inc.43.9541179
TP-ACO L.L.C.43.9511275
Meridian Health Systems ACO Corporation43.959990
Gulf Coast Health Partners43.8522871
Keystone ACO43.857727
Maryland Accountable Care Organization of Western MD LLC43.755181
RWJ Partners LLC43.78456
Colonial ACO LLC 43.657771
Rochester General Health System ACO43.6511844
Duke Connected Care, LLC43.644256
The Polyclinic43.67783
Balance ACO43.68165
Integrated ACO LLC43.559827
Meritage ACO, LLC43.522722
UPSA ACO LLC43.455817
HNMC Hospital/Physician ACO, LLC43.458709
Owensboro ACO43.257645
North Coast Medical ACO, Inc.43.25571
Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians, LLC43.1514606
Nevada Primary Care Network, ACO, LLC43.057059
Akira Health, Inc.43.058906
Indiana Care Organization LLC439623
Louisiana Physicians ACO LLC42.96376
Accountable Care Coalition of Western Georgia, LLC42.754530
Lower Shore ACO, LLC42.7510001
Mid-Atlantic Primary Care ACO42.7513133
JFK Population Health Company, LLC42.759531
Physician Direct Accountable Care Organization42.75261
Golden Life Accountable Care Organization (ACO)42.77571
FamilyHealth ACO, LLC42.73618
Physicians Accountable Care of Utah42.66767
Accountable Care Coalition of DeKalb, LLC.42.616426
Accountable Care Organization of New England, LLC42.611499
Franciscan AHN ACO, LLC 42.5531390
Barnabas Health ACO-North, LLC42.4512646
American Health Network of Ohio PC42.458020
Commonwealth Primary Care ACO42.4515697
Reliance ACO LLC42.4514485
University Hospitals Coordinated Care Organization 42.446100
Saint Vincent Accountable Health Network42.410115
South Bend Clinic Accountable Care42.357934
Caribbean Accountable Care, Inc.42.356895
Northern Maryland Collaborative Care LLC42.1510880
Health Connect Partners, LLC42.1529482
PremierMD ACO, LLC42.16507
Maine Community Accountable Care Organization, LLC42.16625
Saint Vincent Healthcare Partners42.17913
Genesis Accountable Physician Network, LLC4218190
St. Thomas Medical Group PLLC41.955148
North Country ACO41.96254
Scottsdale Health Partners41.715350
Franciscan Select Health Network ACO, LLC41.715123
MBA - Northern California Physicians Management Group41.714536
Southern Kentucky Health Care Alliance41.55059
Huntington Care Network ACO, LLC41.58200
Privia Quality Network, LLC41.513805
ACO Providers 41.47121
Franciscan Northwest Physicians Health Network, LLC41.2532410
Partners In Care ACO, Inc.41.256843
Premier ACO Physician Network, LLC41.28683
Covenant ACO, Inc.41.113455
Delaware Valley ACO41.0533310
Cleveland Quality Healthnet416184
Maryland Accountable Care Organization of Eastern Shore LLC4112735
Primary Care Alliance LLC40.957897
Arkansas Accountable Care, LLC40.96159
Physician First ACO40.76245
Maryland Collaborative Care, LLC.40.6516236
Arizona Priority Care Plus40.68233
Christie Clinic Physician Services, LLC40.555921
The Premier HealthCare Network LLC40.254544
Via Christi Health Alliance in Accountable Care, Inc.40.219906
R TotalHealth, LLC40.113069
Antelope Valley ACO40.14841
Amarillo Legacy Medical ACO40.111356
Essential Care Partners, LLC40.114954
Doctors Connected40.0549057
Buena Vida y Salud LLC405204
National Rural ACO39.8514050
Silver State ACO LLC39.8512198
Allcare Options, LLC39.87288
Community Health Accountable Care, LLC39.755948
Accountable Care Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin, LLC39.711396
HCP ACO California, LLC39.657993
Southern Maryland Collaborative Care LLC39.58973
Fort Smith Physicians Alliance ACO, LLC39.49672
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater New York, LLC.39.46353
Accountable Care Coalition of Texas, Inc.39.2521859
KentuckyOne Health Partners, LLC39.227315
THP-Meritus ACO, LLC39.0516461
Physician Alliance of Kansas, Inc.38.917203
PMC ACO38.756990
Central Utah Clinic, P.C.38.7515581
Central Missouri Medical Network38.55559
North Bend Medical Center, Inc.38.458342
Physicians Collaborative Trust of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, LLC38.355548
Baroma Health Partners (FL)38.29664
Accountable Care Coalition of Maryland, LLC.38.112997
Accountable Care Coalition of Georgia, LLC.38.110876
Augusta Care Partners, LLC386029
Physicians Collaborative Trust ACO LLC37.912209
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Athens Georgia II, LLC.37.859811
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Athens Georgia, LLC37.56049
Oklahoma Health Initiatives37.210013
Allied Physicians ACO, LLC37.14479
NEPA ACO Company, LLC36.86972
CHA ACO, LLC36.713888
Arkansas Health Network LLC36.2510976
St Joseph Health Partners ACO35.85818
Morehouse Choice ACO-ES35.65710
Redwood Community Care Organization, LLC35.57775
Physicians ACO35.47917
Allegiance ACO35.45466
Premier Patient Healthcare, LLC 35.3522402
Accountable Care Coalition of Central Georgia, LLC.35.3510914
Accountable Care Coalition of Eastern North Carolina, LLC35.358340
Accountable Care Coalition of North Central Florida, LLC.35.15328
Accountable Care Coalition of North Texas, LLC.34.56274
Foothill Accountable Care Medical Group, Inc.34.257438
Accountable Physicians of North Mississippi, Inc.34.258940
Health Point ACO, LLC347621
Central US ACO, LLC33.55164
Premier Choice ACO, Inc.33.29732
Healthcare Provider ACO, Inc.3327791
Accountable Care Alliance of Ventura, LLC32.96956
APCN-ACO, A Medical Professional Corporation32.7510771
Accountable Care Coalition of Mississippi, LLC.32.55570
Primary PartnerCare Associates IPA, Inc.31.856347
Health Connect ACO,LLC31.5513874
A.M. Beajow, M.D. Internal Medicine Associates ACO, P.C30.15630
Broward Guardian, LLC28.95828
Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Houston, LLC.28.359766
AppleCare Medical ACO, LLC27.258837
Carolinas ACO, LLC26.758088
Akira Health of Fresno Inc.25.053498
Accountable Care Coalition of Caldwell County, LLC22.254866
Medical Mall ACO19.94630
Physicians Accountable Care Organization, LLC17.55075
Accountable Care Organization of Puerto Rico, Inc.17.36923
Primary Comprehensive Care ACO LLC15.755668
Yuma Connected Community15.754012
Southern NMIPA ACO LLC 14.57419
Affiliated Physicians Medical Group ACO, Inc.57629
Independent San Diego ACO4.55592
UR Care LLC 46048